The Makings Of A Great Logo

Six questions to ask yourself when designing a brand. Take a look.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.27.19 AM    Like Nike and Apple, the CBC—one of my favourites—has gone through various refinements over the years, while always staying true to its fundamental self: never losing it’s structure, shape or meaning. And yet, it always looks like its designer, Burton Kramer, just designed it today—always fresh and current, easy to read and recognize—positively memorable. Last but not least, easy to reproduce in any size for any medium (good planning), in B/W, colour, static or motion, outline, online, etc. Oh, one more thing: don’t ever incorporate screens; you’ll have reproduction issues, forcing you to either ditch the medium (restrictions), or amend the logo to make it work. And you should NEVER do that!     —Nicholas Di Cuia



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