These kids are not on their smartphone.

They’re not connected. At least not on social media, gaming, or the like. They’re on their personal time: talking, planning their next activity, their next bike ride, their next hide-and-seek game, or street-hockey match or camping trip.


Those were different times. Everything, as it happened, was captured and archived in our memory—no smartphones or selfies, then. We didn’t know what was ahead (see below photo), but we did cherish those times playing outside with friends and family, taking long walks, catching butterflies and grasshoppers—even going to family picnics for the day. It couldn’t get more organic than that.

I have very fond memories of my childhood, especially during the rainless, hot summer months off school. Physical activity was not an issue; police officers—even after 25 years’ service—never pulled out their holstered-secured pistols, because there was no need to in Toronto, Canada. They weren’t better times, they were simpler times. As mentioned, a lot came with a simpler life. And, looking back now, a lot didn’t come with the time. But we didn’t know what we didn’t know. They were different times. And the “different” is what made them great. At least for me. The photo above, captures the essence of the day—plain and simple! The below photo captures what’s more representative of today’s pass-time among youth—and adults alike. Is it better than yesteryear? In some ways, I guess, yes. But different—very different.  —Nicholas Di Cuia



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