Transitioning from creative services to in-house agency status

I have made the transition from in-house to “agency” on more than one occasion. Although I came across this guide years later, in retrospect, I found it to be a good source, and well articulated. Making the transition depends on the culture of the organization, your ability to properly assess, and if it fits the bill, in what fashion you plan and roll out such a delicate undertaking. In the end, it’s a very rewarding experience, and one that benefits all concerned.

My experiences have taken me from what was a typical creative services “department” into a full-service creative agency; from a cost centre to a profit centre—a microcosm of a greater organization. Many times, senior decision-makers don’t think that in-house creative departments can become actual agencies where order-taking and working on below-the-line, non-strategic work is only done by external agencies. It’s just not a forethought. But when it is presented, they are very willing to entertain the prospect. Pros and cons are weighed, among many other things.       I hasten to add, as the guide states, such a transition is not suitable to all organizations. Much homework has to be done. And it takes time, commitment, and most of all, patience. Okay, money, too. But when it is suitable, the payoff can be quite handsome—in more ways than one, as I have found. Have a read and find out more.



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